Conectando Corazones

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What is the campaign?
With your contribution you will provide cooking and sleeping supplies for a poor family, improving their living conditions.
How does it work?
You, your family and friends can help us by connecting your heart and donating to the campaign. All donations can brings us closer to our goal of providing supplies for 2000 families.
Where does my money go?
All donations will be invested in the purchase and distribution of the following kits:

Cooking kit consists of:

Sleeping kit consists of:
-Bed linen

Why participate?
Your donation can change the life of a family living in extreme poverty in Colombia.


Thank you to our partners!
  • -ANSPE (Agencia para la Superación de la Pobreza Extrema)
  • -ABACO (Asociación Banco de Alimentos de Colombia)
  • -Colsubsidio
  • -Grupo Nutresa
  • -Corona
  • -Fundación El Nogal
  • -Give to Colombia
  • -Centro RS
  • -PayuLATAM
  • -Asociación Nacional
  • -DDB
  • -Avianca
  • -Semana
  • -Bambú

Thanks to...

Jan 14 Ivan made a 20 contribution
Dec 9 Carlos gave 20 for a kitchen or bed kit for a Colombian family
Dec 3 Stella gave 20 for a kitchen or bed kit for a Colombian family
Oct 22 Danny made a 50 contribution

Join Us in the Fight Against Extreme Poverty — Connect your Heart!

By supporting “Conectando Corazones” YOU can connect your heart with that of a family that lives in extreme poverty in Colombia and improve their quality of life. 

Currently, Colombia has approximately 470,000 people living in extreme poverty conditions of which 36% of the population lives inadequate housing situations. Families live in houses that are built in unsafe areas and are often overcrowded, with no access to water and sanitation, cooking and sleeping facilities, and proper ventilation.

To face this situation the campaign launched by Conexión Colombia, “Conectando Corazones” aims to better the living conditions of many low-income families by providing them with the necessary elements needed to cook and to sleep. This includes objects such as plates, forks, beds and blankets.

Through this campaign, your donation can provide these supplies to a family in need. Help us connect thousands of hearts to build a peaceful country without poverty. Be part of the change, Connect your Heart!

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About Conexión Colombia


Conexión Colombia is a non-profit organization with ten years of experience in the management of grants and partnerships for development. Since 2003, Conexión Colombia has channeled USD$ 23.000.000 in support of projects that strengthen the sustainability of communities working with grassroots organizations in the areas of education, nutrition, early childhood development, health, income generation and housing. To do so we manage projects with our affiliated organizations providing technical assistance and project design, fundraising and donor reporting as well as monitoring the implementation and progress of each project.

Additionally, we run an annual campaign whose aim is to connect and mobilize several actors from the civil society, government, private sector, social organizations and academia towards supporting a cause that is aligned with our mission.

Lastly, we have assembled a methodology that allows companies to enhance their organizational development and reputational capital while simultaneously creating social value to our society by strategically involving their employees into social initiatives and projects around the country.

All our work centers around our belief, that promoting equality is a key action towards the construction of a peaceful country.